Challenge yourself by setting daily limits.

Block specific time periods throughout
the day to ensure you don’t use your
phone during those times.

Add as many defendants as you’d like
to set goals and for them and stay up
to date with their daily usage. 

Phone mindfulness made easy.

Brilliant things happen off of the phone screen. We help you discover them.

Our Process

Step 01

Every morning, let us know how you
are feeling so we can better understand
you and improve your experience.  

Step 02

Once completed, you will set some goals

that you’d like to complete that day or even that week. You can update and edit these at anytime.

Step 03

Learn the analytics behind your day-to-day 
phone usage so you can become more aware
of how to use your phone healthier. 

Discover your own
Balance Score.

Find how balanced you are based off
of your daily phone usage and the
goals you accomplish. 

Stay on top of your child's usage.

Sit back and start becoming more mindful today.